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that are used both by the Allied Health industry and
Department of Finance.”

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Our vision statement

To help customers maximise client and business outcomes through industry specific software solutions.

Our Products…

Streamline systems, increase efficiency & adherence to compliance whilst eliminating unnecessary administration.

Our promise to customers…

Is to provide easy-to-use software solutions that remain up to date with industry requirements.

Our Products


A cloud-based case management and reporting system, designed for vocational rehabilitation providers and occupational therapists.

The workflow management makes it a breeze to deliver the right information to the right people at the right time, allowing you to automate your organisations processes.

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We work with and build comprehensive back office tools for evaluating most of Australia’s insurance and banking companies.

Customers can calculate their total sum insured based on local labour and materials prices. This information comes from our partners Cordell and Sum Insured.

About us

Be Software International ® (formally Bizexpress) was formed in 2004.

Be Software International® (formally Bizexpress) was formed in 2004. Consulting to the Workplace Rehabilitation and Employment Services Industries, a need was identified for an industry specific case management and billing system which was cloud based, user friendly, simple to implement & compliance focused. It also needed to allow managers to access up to date business and financial information. The licensing model allows organisations of all size to access this software without the need for sizeable up front costs typical of other solutions.

In early 2006, the first version of iinsight ® was deployed with a large national provider. Since this time iinsight has been deployed by many leading Australian and international companies of all sizes. Be Software now has distribution partners in the UK. The introduction of iinsight for mobile devices such as iPads and iPhones in 2012 has transformed how consultants work and has enabled significant increases in provider efficiency.

In 2012 Be Software commenced development of a solution to maximise performance within Job Services Australia and Disability Employment Services contracts. iignite® has since evolved and provide our customers with an easy to use solution that improves their compliance and increase their productivity.
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This is Practice Management Software Australia Can Rely On

Since 2004, Be Software has been analysing and catering to the workplace needs of allied health professionals. Typical patient management software in Australia is not designed to be optimal for all branches of allied health; physical and occupational therapists as well as mental health professionals frequently make do with a mixture of outdated or semi-effective software and physical records. This is far from ideal when highly confidential records are concerned. So, we have designed iinsight as a platform with a balance of flexibility and security that makes it ideal for any allied health office of any size. Our iinsight is cloud-based, portable, scalable, highly user-friendly, affordable, and includes multiple steps of verification to access from any point. We even offer onboarding to transition employees into iinsight at a comfortable pace. For example, iinsight can be used as: 

Case Management Software in Canada’s Health Professionals Will Be Happy With

At Be Software, we have worked hard to make our systems the best option across the globe. We hold accreditations and are compliant with all patient protection laws in Australia, Canada, the UK, and the USA. That means that our system does not offer convenience and ease of use at the expense of information security. In fact, iinsight offers more security than any other health care scheduling software in Canada. While it can be accessed from any device with the right credentials, those credentials are virtually impossible to replicate or skirt around. This means that professionals can access the physio practice management software in Canada without going into the office; it also means that no one without clearance can do the same. As psychology practice software in CA and disability case management software in Canada, it is invaluable to professionals with a constant stream of appointments to keep track of. And the legal compliance means it is ideal as personal injury case management software in Canada.

Clinic Management Software UK Health Workers Rely On 

An important part of creating our clinic patient management software in United Kingdom was recognising that not all health offices operate the same way. There are massive clinics or hospitals with hundreds of employees which have needs very much unlike those of smaller practices with less than 10 employees. Thankfully, iinsight is scalable to exactly your number of workers, your average patient load, and your documentation. Because iinsight is a cloud-based clinic appointment scheduling software in UK, all your information is protected from unexpected issues. Your data is not vulnerable the way it is when stored in physical copies or on a single computer, where machines can fail, and paper copies can be damaged. The cloud is secure, and we check and back up our systems every 5 minutes to ensure information safety. We also designed iinsight to be a highly adaptable allied health billing software in UK. If your offices already use Xero, for instance, iinsight can be integrated and supplement the process without disrupting it. This makes it the perfect billing software for mental health professionals in UK.

Our Patient Case Management Software

Perhaps the greatest advantage of using iinsight is having allied health practice management software in the United States which is centralized. With iinsight, you can handle scheduling appointments, storing patient data, tracking progress, communication with patients and employees, and billing all in one. It eliminates the need for multiple platforms to effectively run your clinic. This is psychology practice software in US that can replace a bulkier, more disorganized workflow. This is especially useful when working with new employees. Rather than learning half a dozen platforms for different functions, they have one central occupational therapy software in US to work with. One part of iinsight allows for reporting and tracking KPIs, while another handles patient scheduling and appointment reminders in email, call, or SMS form. 

In short, iinsight is the only disability case management software allied health professionals will ever need.
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    Be Software Internotional was formed
    and started providing insurance
    valvation calculators

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    The First version of iinsight was
    Deployed with a large natinal

  • img-ic2012

    iinsight® became
    IS027001:2013 Accerdited


Our commitment to security and compliance

Since 2015, Be Software obtained and has since maintained our ISO27001:2013 Accreditation, showing our commitment to providing the best of breed infrastructure, software and support services.

Additional to this accreditation, Be Software also maintain compliance against GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for UK Clients as well as being Data Protection officer under ICO.

Further compliance is maintained against PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) for Canadian clients, and HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) for US clients.

Be Software International provides private cloud solutions for all our iinsight® clients worldwide. Customers are provided with individual databases and document repositories.

Data is encrypted @ Rest for all databases and document repositories, whilst all communication via the internet is encrypted using encryption protocol TLS1.2 which is the highest standard available to commercial organisations. This provides security at rest along with bidirectional encryption of all communications between our clients and the private clouds and guarantee that the contents of communications between the user and iinsight® cannot be read or intercepted by any third party.

Client data is held locally within the client’s geography. We do this by partnering with AWS and utilising data centres worldwide and connecting our clients to their local iinsight® platform.


Occupational Health and Rehabilitation.

iinsight® is now the pre-eminent cloud based case management system for Occupational Health & Rehabilitation markets.

Client uptake has been fast & the platform and business model are getting close to becoming the de-facto standard.

iinsight® is now the pre-eminent occupational therapy software for Occupational Health & Rehabilitation markets.


iinsight® takes off

In early 2006 our flagship project evolved. iinsight® and was initially deployed with a large national and provider whose industry specific knowledge was invaluable to us. Our business philosophy has always been the same.

We add enhancements that allow iinsight to work specifically for our clients we don’t follow the old traditional model of “fit your business around the software!

Our business philosophy has always been the same.


Department of Finance Panel

The Department of Finance has established the Cloud Services Panel (Panel) to provide the Commonwealth with a value for money solution in relation to Cloud Services.

Be Software International Pty Ltd, offering iinsight® and iignite® software, has been added to the list of panellists on the Cloud Services Panel from the Department of Finance.

Department of Finance

Our Team

We have extensive international experience in technology and business consulting within the workplace rehabilitation, medical, disability and employment services environments. We employ solution oriented staff who are business minded and customer oriented. Our staff remain up to date on the latest technological advances and are committed to ensuring that these are implemented within our products to further improve efficiency and productivity.

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